When a Spouse Passes


Not Yet Ready to Date Again

When a spouse passes away from a sudden illness or accident, the remaining spouse finds life difficult. They often must deal with survivor's guilt. They wonder why they were not taken instead. Coping with life is so difficult that they sometimes wish they had been taken. Many supportive friends and family will do their best to help them through the grief. Once they believe the time for grieving has passed, they will then encourage the survivor to begin dating again.

It takes a lot longer to grieve a spouse that has been lost unexpectedly. Few people understand this unless they have been through it. Processing the loss is much more difficult because it is mixed with survivor's guilt. People may take years before they are ready to move on and find a new life partner. Pushing them to go on dates may even make the problem worse.

Surprisingly, what often prompts people to begin living life again is the need for physical intimacy. They might feel guilt over this sign of life, but it is a good sign that they are beginning to heal. Their body is now ready to move on in life and is signaling that readiness. Accepting these needs is a step in the right direction. People that feel this way may still not be ready to date. Finding a fuck buddy online may be the way they cope with this issue. While not a perfect solution to getting back into dating, it is still a step to connect with another person. Fuck buddies do not pressure others about their lifestyle and how they live. Physical release for their intimate needs is all that concerns them. This may be the detached connection a grieving person needs.

Few people want to replace their partner at all. When their physical needs manifest, they feel almost as if their body is betraying their heart. Finding a partner for no strings attached sex might assist them with moving forward in life. While not a permanent answer, it may help them begin to live again.